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At Bearing Inspection, Inc. (Bii), we cover the complete range of repair and reconditioning services, offering customers a single source for money-saving repairs. Our customer-specific services focus on a rapid response and overall cost savings. When you use Bii for the inspection and reconditioning of your high-value ball and roller bearings, you will enjoy the types of savings we have been providing our customers for more than 60 years.

Inspecting Since 1955

Bearing Inspection, Inc. was founded in Huntington Park, California.

Born as a result of aviation turning to jet turbines, Bii was founded just 3 years after the first commercial jet airliner began operation. The company was originally founded as a bearing inspection facility and would not begin repair until 1960.

Bii Develops Level 2 Reconditioning Process

Bii is commonly acknowledged as the founder of the modern-day reconditioning process for turbine jet and other critical use turbine engine bearings. This process has the advantage of providing maximum savings to the customer while bringing the bearing back to the functional equivalent of new.

Bii obtains FAA Repair Certification for All Anti-Friction Aircraft Bearings.

FAA approval for all aircraft engine bearings validates Bii's bearing reconditioning approach and opens the way to the future success of bearing repair as a mainstay of Bii's business.

Bii Receives Pratt & Whitney approval for JT8 Engine Bearing Reconditioning

One of the leading engines of its time, JT8 engines are in use around the world and Bii's OEM approval serves as a springboard into what becomes a major platform for the company during the 70's, 80's, and into the 90's.

Bii Receives General Electric Approval for CF6 Engine Bearing Reconditioning

Starting in 1971 with the 40,000 lb. thurst CF6-6 engine and continuing today with the 72,000 lb. thrust CF6-80E1 engine, more CF6 engines have been produced and have flown more hours than any other high bypass engine family.

Bii Receives JAA Approval On A Global Scale.

This approval cleared the way for further expansion of commercial business on a global scale. Within two years, Bii begins the focused development of Bii customer service and professional sales teams to accommodate the evolving needs of operators worldwide.

Bii Achieves Certification to International Quality Standard 9002.

ISO 9002 certification is a worldwide seal of approval comprising the national standards bodies of nearly 100 countries. This certification ensures that practices and procedures of the quality management and quality systems are securely in place as the basis for a company's operations.

Bii Moves Into New Facility

Continued growth compels Bii to move into an 80,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Los Alamitos, California. The new facility, which was designed specifically for Bii operations, incorporates the latest production, test, quality assurance, customer support technology and process flow strategies. The new facility quadruples the capacity.

Bii Receives CAAC Approval

Receipt of approval from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) allows Bii to expand their service offerings to China.

The Timken Company Acquires Bearing Inspection, Inc.

In October of 2005, the Timken Company acquires Bii to become the new leader in aerospace bearing inspection and repair. The addition of Bii positions Timken as the world's #1 MRO provider for critical use anti-friction bearings.

Bii Receives Recongition from MTU Maintentance For Excellency

Bii delivers Excellence in Turn Time reducing our level 1 inspection turn time to 5 working days and Level 2 Overhaul Service to less than 15 working days. We were recognized by MTU Maintenance with an Outstanding Supplier Performance Award.

Bii Receives Recognition at Applied Ergonomics Conference

Our innovative approach impacts all facets of our business. We won recognition from the Applied Ergonomics Conference competition for our improvements in our process. Our project helped reduce stress on our team’s wrist while disassembling a larger product. All the while keeping the product protected.

Proven Quality Performance

Our process pioneered the quality standards for bearing inspection and overhaul return service. Through studies performed by our parent company, Timken, and independent studies from NASA and Purdue University, we can firmly report that bearings can be returned to service with refurbishment.

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Turnaround Times You Can Count On

We work closely with customers to establish response and turnaround time (TAT) that helps them meet their build schedules. With the proper paperwork and parts preparation, all bearing overhauls can be completed in 15 business days or better.

5  Business Day Inspection Process

15 Business Day Refurbishing Process

Servicing Manufacturers Across the Globe

Bii can inspect and refurbish any brand, anytime, with our in-house repair development program.
With 60 years of setting industry standards, we can make your bearings last.


Extending Bearing Lifetimes

Our aerospace bearing reconditioning process returns your bearings to a like-new operational condition without sacrificing the quality, safety, or service life of your bearings. In fact, 80% of the bearings we receive are candidates for repair or overhaul. Based on bearing endurance data collected by NASA, approximately 92% of bearing sets that are available for refurbishing, result in a lifetime equaling or exceeding the predicted life of a new bearing.


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